Look Who’s Advising Obama on Benghazi Cover-Up-Ruemmler & Monaco Revealed in LICENSED TO LIE

2014-06-02-ReaganBenghazi-CarafanoLOOK who’s advising the President on the Benghazi cover-up! Kathryn Ruemmler, chief White House Counsel, seated to the left of the president, was lead prosecutor on the Enron Task Force who “plainly suppressed evidence” favorable to the defense while 4 Merrill Executives went to prison for something that wasn’t a crime. As James Carafano makes clear, the President could have chosen the path of Truth taken by Reagan in the Iran-Contra debacle, but instead, we have lies and a cover-up and now the release of Taliban terrorists from GITMO.

Ruemmler and her corrupt team of prosecutors (also promoted to high positions) actually YELLOW-HIGHLIGHTED evidence they were legally and ethically required to provide to the defense, and they deliberately hid it instead. And we wonder why we can’t get the truth on Benghazi??!  Also pictured just to the right of POTUS is another member of the corrupt cabal of prosecutors, Lisa Monaco-implicated in the Enron Broadband trial misconduct.  These former federal prosecutors are all discussed in the new book LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice with the Foreword written in his personal capacity by the incomparable Alex Kozinski, Chief Judge of the Ninth Circuit.

We called for Ruemmler’s resignation a year ago, but Obama wanted her to stay.  She left just after the announcement of the release of the new blockbuster revelations of her legal, ethical and constitutional violations in the best-selling book LICENSED TO LIE.  Coincidence?  We think not.

Meanwhile, brilliant and profound reviews of LICENSED TO LIE continue to pour in-from readers and writers!  Be a part of the national discussion Judge Kozinski calls for on this important issue.  See who Obama chose to whisper in his ear on decisions affecting every aspect of our lives despite-or because of-their disregard for the Rule of Law and their legacy of injustice?


Photo by Pete Souza (White House flickr)

Emmy-Award Winner Dennis Miller Discusses Licensed to Lie with Author Sidney Powell

Dennis Miller

Dennis Miller


Listen to Sidney Powell discuss LICENSED TO LIE with Dennis Miller on his DMZ Radio Show.  LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice continues to draw rave reviews from readers and the experts and is a #1 BESTSELLER on Amazon.com where it is also now available on KINDLE.




Themis 2544  “Riveting, profound, compelling, revealing read. Brilliantly written, brutally informative detailed with fact and honesty. Sidney Powell has narrated a piece of history from a perspective deep within the legal circle…confirming what most of us fear, our government is only as good as those who serve it, or at best, how they are held accountable in their privilege to practice and enforce law. By design, the media is our conduit to information, not necessarily based on facts or truth. Licensed to Lie takes us on a journey of Sidney Powell’s unyielding commitment to uphold the law, all that it stands for, the quest for facts, knowledge and truth to support the law. Never have I read a book in which the author has the gumption to name names and call out those who still hold power.

This is a story that makes you think about the essence of our American freedom, our rights as citizens, and the corrupt powers that control it. Those named need to be held accountable. Those pursuing a career in law and politics, need to embrace this story as a code of ethics. Sidney Powell must be applauded and thanked for her courageous plight to expose and right the wrongs of our judicial system.

Licensed to Lie is a factual account of real people, whose lives were destroyed by those in power with questionable judgment and corrupt agendas. It reminds me of the Titanic. We know the end is horrific, but throughout the story, you keep hoping the ship will not hit the iceberg. . . our judicial system is sinking the American spirit. . . Licensed to Lie is blowing the whistle. Kudos to Sidney Powell and the stones it took to write this book. Best read in decades.” By Tricia

I just finished Sidney Powell‘s book. I am speechless and furious. And a little angry at myself for being pitifully ill-informed. Masterful writing Sidney. . . . I applaud and admire your steadfast commitment to right wrongs in the face of such obstacles.  Paige Wilson Kostelink

I just finished your book. I don’t think I ever read a book so fast before. I just couldn’t put it down. With each page your stature gained in my eyes. You have tackled corruption at the very core. You make the world a better place for all of us. Thank you for what you do and have done. Bob

You may order you book online at www.LicensedtoLie.com and it should be available now in all bookstores.  Check the Events on the website for opportunities to meet the author in your area.


licensed-to-lie-bookBy May 9th, the ninth day of its release, LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice was the #1 BESTSELLER on Amazon in LAW & ETHICS!  The book has received stellar praise from lawyers and on leading legal blogs such as Above the Law and MAL Contends, but, the book is written for the lay reader as well.  Here are excerpts from two leading literary reviews-Kirkus and ForeWord:

“A former Justice Department lawyer, who now devotes her private practice to federal appeals, dissects some of the most politically contentious prosecutions of the last 15 years. Powell assembles a stunning argument for the old adage, “nothing succeeds like failure,” as she traces the careers of a group of prosecutors who were part of the Enron Task Force. The author brings the case for judicial redress before the court of public opinion.”- Kirkus Reviews

“Powell has done the law and every citizen a great favor by calling out an unholy practice of government attorneys. Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice, by defense attorney Sidney Powell, is a lurid tale of deceit and amoral behavior on the part of government prosecutors. It is so well written and researched that the story makes for a stunning read.”-ForeWord Reviews

We have a number of events scheduled across the country where the author will be speaking along with selling and signing books.  We appreciate your interest in this subject that is so important to the freedom of each of us and to the Rule of Law on which our Country was founded.  The book, written in the narrative style of a legal thriller, aims to reveal the dangers and human costs to everyone when prosecutors are allowed to hide evidence favorable to the defense.  As Alex Kozinski said in the Foreword, it’s time for a national discussion of the issues raised in the book. There are things that can be done now to improve the system for everyone.


flag fireworksHere are a few choice tidbits from the review yesterday written by Mike Leon for MAL CONTENDS.  A link to the full review is at the end of the post.  To whet you appetite for more to come:

“With this work, the former federal prosecutor and appellate attorney Ms. Powell stands among the great whistleblowers in modern American history as she exposes the injustices and inhumanities perpetrated by the self-aggrandizing members of two federal DoJ task forces, who truly had a license to lie and to destroy innocent lives without any federal prosecutor having conscience enough to even acknowledge the suffering they caused.

Many jurists already know of Sidney Powell’s brilliance and dedication, and Licensed to Lie should be required reading for every high school political science class, every undergraduate college constitutional law class and a must-read for any American of whatever political persuasion with a passing interest in freedom. No one reading this work can do so without being appalled by the intentional and repeated injustices inflicted onto the innocent.

Powell names the names, (Task Force leaders and prosecutors, Leslie Caldwell, Andrew Weissmann and Matthew Friedrich, for example) and tells the facts, and nothing in the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) ought to be the same after this story is told of American criminal justice as an American horror story inflicted by federal prosecutors.”

For the full article, including more of the authors thoughts and excerpts from the book, read on at http://malcontends.blogspot.com/2014/04/book-review-federal-prosecutor-american.html

If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, do so now at www.LicensedtoLie.com through the links to any bookseller or order it from your favorite store.  We know that High Point University and the Barnes & Noble in High Point NC have received their  copies and Sidney will be there to sign books on May 1-the official publication date and LAW DAY!!

CHAMPIONS of JUSTICE — The Real Heroes of Licensed to Lie

Gala_Button_New-300x300  On April 24, at the offices of Jones Day in Washington DC — overlooking the Capitol, The Constitution Project honored its 2014 CHAMPIONS OF JUSTICE.pruitt_gary_200_280_80

The first award was presented to Gary B. Pruitt, the President of Associated Press, for defending the freedom of the Press against the Justice Department’s seizure of reporters’ phone records and the Department’s intimidation of the reporters’ sources in many stories.

All of the other CHAMPIONS were part of the defense of former Senator Ted Stevens or of the investigation of the Department ordered by United States District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan following the prosecutors’ repeated Brady violations.  The story of these REAL HEROES  is told within the pages LICENSED TO LIE: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice.Justice+Department+Voids+Ted+Stevens+Conviction+AdUPTUxwatil

These CHAMPIONS OF JUSTICE were Brendan Sullivan, Rob Cary of Williams & Connolly who were with their larger team of attorneys,including Simon Latcovich, on the defense of former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens. robertcary



D.C. Attorneys Hank Schuelke and Bill Shields  were the CHAMPIONS who investigated the Department of Justice prosecutors who corrupted the Stevens’ prosecution and wrote the published report of the Department’s wrongdoing-also subjects of the book.


AKCLAYjpgSpecial guests for the event included Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Alex Kozinski, who wrote the Foreword for Licensed to Lie in his personal capacity, and his son Clayton who is externing for Judge Brett Kavanaugh before beginning at Yale Law School in the fall.

And we were all honored by the presence of Catherine Stevens, the Senator’s widow,

esullivanand the incomparable Judge Emmet G. Sullivan, who is one of the greatest heroes in LICENSED TO LIE and ordered an independent investigation of the Department for its repeated corruption of justice.

Each of The Champions and Judge Sullivan and Catherine Stevens received a fresh-off-the-press copy of LICENSED TO LIE.

To see who else is discussed in LICENSED TO LIE, check out the INDEX FOR LICENSED TO LIE.

NY Times Corroborates White House Counsel’s Role in Increased Secrecy & Circumventing the Rule of Law

Ruemmler.Three days after the press release announcing the publication date of Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice, which will lay bare the role of current White House counsel in “plainly suppressing” evidence favorable to the defense while four Merrill Lynch executives and others went to prison for conduct that was not a crime, a New York Times article by Charles Savage expounded on just how much power and influence former Enron Task Force prosecutor Kathryn Ruemmler has exerted in promoting the “excessive secrecy” that has become a hallmark of President Obama’s two terms in office.  Ruemmler has been the longest serving of Obama’s White House counsel.

Savage quotes the President as saying:

“Kathy has become one of my most trusted advisers over the past few years,” . . . . “I deeply value her smarts, her judgment, and her wit — but most importantly her uncanny ability to see around the corners that nobody else anticipates.”

“Cutting corners” would be more accurate, as Ruemmler has a history of hiding facts and circumventing the law.  We should not be surprised about the increased secrecy of this administration while she has been advising the President.  Savage reports:

Ms. Ruemmler took a hard line in internal debates about keeping executive branch documents secret, like memos from the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel sought by congressional overseers, or in Freedom of Information Act lawsuits. Her arguments — that disclosing them would chill candid advice to presidents — have contributed to Mr. Obama’s transition from promising greater transparency to being criticized even by his own allies for excessive secrecy.

The New York Times article also credits her with great influence in Obama’s increased use of Executive Privilege to circumvent the Rule of Law.

Ms. Ruemmler has played a role in many highly charged issues, including helping develop options to carry out Mr. Obama’s decision to take unilateral executive actions to bypass congressional inaction.

That probably also includes his tepid and ineffectual response to the sensational disclosures regarding the National Security Agency’s spying practices. Read More »

Listen to Sidney Discuss Brady Problems, Our Corrupt DOJ, and Licensed to Lie

AJCRadio Upcoming Show - Sidney Powell - Nick YarrisOn the evening of April 8, Sidney Powell discussed various problems in our criminal justice system with the advocates on A Just Cause Coast to Coast Radio.  In case you missed it, you may listen hereSidney’s conversation on the need for fairness in our courts and supervision of prosecutors begins at about 35 minutes into the broadcast.

Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice is the true story of of the strong-arm, unethical, and illegal tactics used by a cabal of elite federal prosecutors in their own narcissistic pursuit of political power and fame. Some went on to become Chief White House CounselGeneral Counsel of the FBI, and the Acting Attorney General of the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice who directed the corrupt conviction of and unseated United States Senator Ted Stevens-changing the balance of power in the United States Senate and paving the way for the passage of Obamacare.

The beat goes on as former Enron Task Force Director Leslie Caldwell awaits Senate confirmation to be the Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice. She, with Andrew Weissmann, and assisted by Matthew Friedrich and Samuel Buell, destroyed Arthur Andersen LLP and its 85,000 jobs in an unprecedented corporate prosecution, where they concocted a crime.  Too late to save Andersen, a UNANIMOUS Supreme Court eventually reversed their high-profile prosecution and claim to fame because Andersen had not committed a crime and the jury instructions failed to require criminal intent.

Copies of  LICENSED TO LIE may be pre-ordered now at www.LicensedtoLie.comIt’s publication date is MAY 1- LAW DAY! and its Foreword is written by Ninth Circuit Chief Judge Alex Kozinski in his personal capacity.  This true story is jaw-dropping.



Don Richard of New Orleans Endorses Licensed to Lie

DonRichard.The perception of our justice system will forever be changed by this compelling book.

Ms. Powell has a gift for putting all the pieces in a well ordered, logical sequence that makes it difficult to stop reading even in the wee hours of the morning.

- Don M. Richard, Esq. Former AUSA and private practitioner for over 45 years.

To order your copy, see www.LicensedToLie.com . Autographed copies of Licensed to Lie may be pre-ordered only from the publisher through PayPal at www.LicensedtoLie.com.  The book is also available for pre-order through AmazonBarnes & NobleBooksAMillion, and Indiebound, and the author will appear in at least 10 cities for book signing events.  Watch for an event near you on the Event list on the Licensed To Lie website.

Michael Adams, Distinguished U.T. English Expert and Author, Reviews Licensed to Lie

licensed-to-lie-bookSidney Powell’s Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice is a disturbing, enlightening, and superbly presented exploration of one of the most dramatic and chilling accounts of injustice in American judicial history. Written with the skill of a novelist, the keen eye of a memoirist, and the passion of an early American pamphleteer, Powell takes us on a journey through an institutional landscape created to protect the innocent and punish the guilty transformed into a house of “legal” horrors, the framing of an innocent man, the concealing and altering of evidence, the ignoring of the law, the flouting of political power, the constant display of an ego-driven desire to win at all costs, even if the result is the devastation of a  good a family who must have felt stunned by the despotic evilness of a government suddenly and completely in charge of their lives.

As dark and disheartening as it is, there is a lesson here that should be taught in every civics class—the greatest human ideal of Justice is only as good as the character of those who administer it, existing only if its guardians are devotees to integrity and fairness.

And yet in all this frustration and anger, there manages to remain a ray of hope. For ultimately this book becomes the unintentional profile of a  courageous and strong woman determined to fight through the corruption, cronyism, vindictiveness,  amoral egos, and repeated miscarriages of justice in order to free the light of truth from the dark place in which it had been deliberately hidden Read More »