flag fireworksHere are a few choice tidbits from the review yesterday written by Mike Leon for MAL CONTENDS.  A link to the full review is at the end of the post.  To whet you appetite for more to come:

“With this work, the former federal prosecutor and appellate attorney Ms. Powell stands among the great whistleblowers in modern American history as she exposes the injustices and inhumanities perpetrated by the self-aggrandizing members of two federal DoJ task forces, who truly had a license to lie and to destroy innocent lives without any federal prosecutor having conscience enough to even acknowledge the suffering they caused.

Many jurists already know of Sidney Powell’s brilliance and dedication, and Licensed to Lie should be required reading for every high school political science class, every undergraduate college constitutional law class and a must-read for any American of whatever political persuasion with a passing interest in freedom. No one reading this work can do so without being appalled by the intentional and repeated injustices inflicted onto the innocent.

Powell names the names, (Task Force leaders and prosecutors, Leslie Caldwell, Andrew Weissmann and Matthew Friedrich, for example) and tells the facts, and nothing in the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ) ought to be the same after this story is told of American criminal justice as an American horror story inflicted by federal prosecutors.”

For the full article, including more of the authors thoughts and excerpts from the book, read on at http://malcontends.blogspot.com/2014/04/book-review-federal-prosecutor-american.html

If you haven’t ordered your copy yet, do so now at www.LicensedtoLie.com through the links to any bookseller or order it from your favorite store.  We know that High Point University and the Barnes & Noble in High Point NC have received their  copies and Sidney will be there to sign books on May 1-the official publication date and LAW DAY!!