WeissmannFormer Enron Task Force Director-turned General Counsel to the FBI-quietly left the FBI in October 2013. Remarkably, he has gone to teach at NYU.

We should all be concerned about what Weissmann might “teach” his students.

The NY Bar swept an ethical grievance aside-actually punting it to the Department of Justice to decide-even though the Department was defending Weissmann on those charges.

Prosecutorial misconduct infected every case with which he was involved while on the Enron Task Force.  First, he and DOJ Criminal Division Nominee Leslie Caldwell annihilated Arthur Andersen, destroying 85,000 jobs, only to be reversed by the Supreme Court 9-0 because Andersen’s conduct wasn’t criminal.  Then Weissmann oversaw the Merrill Lynch prosecution where his Task Force cronies including now White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler “plainly suppressed” evidence that was favorable to the defense while four innocent men went to prison.   Weissmann resigned from the Task Force amid serious allegations of prosecutorial misconduct by the Enron Broadband trial prosecutors.

Now he’s teaching law students? ? ? At least we can all be grateful that he is not directing the investigations, evidentiary decisions,email collection, and prosecution plans for the FBI any longer-or helping collect and handle NSA’s massive data on each of us.