caldwell_leslie_2014-1-296x178The last Enron Task Force prosecutor who headed the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice was Matthew Friedrich.  Friedrich and his deputy Rita Glavin carefully orchestrated the wrongful prosecution of former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens-a prosecution so corrupted by the prosecutors themselves that it had to be thrown out by Judge Emmet Sullivan who also ordered an independent investigation of the Department of Justice and its “Public Integrity Section” prosecutors.

Now-and more terrifying-Friedrich’s colleague, former boss, and mentor, Leslie Caldwell, stands poised to take the job of leading the Department’s 700+ criminal attorneys. Will the Senate put this touted “terror of a prosecutor” in a position to destroy even more than she already has?

Caldwell, the original Director of the Enron Task Force, with Friedrich and now former FBI General Counsel Andrew Weissmann, annihilated Arthur Andersen and its 85,000 jobs world wide-only to be reversed 9-0 by the United States Supreme Court because they both made up a crime and persuaded federal district judge Melinda Harmon to take all criminal intent out of the jury instructions.  Yet, with no regard for her record of prosecutorial atrocities, she has “sailed through” her Senate confirmation hearing.

If the Senate does not act to stop this confirmation, Caldwell will complete Obama’s installation of the Enron cabal of corrupt prosecutors in key law enforcement positions across his administration. The Enron Task Force Prosecutors left a legacy of injustice, Supreme Court reversals, appellate reversals, and even withdrawn guilty pleas because of their roughshod tactics, suppression of evidence favorable to the defense, concocted crimes, wrongful convictions, tortured jury instructions, and assorted dirty and unethical tactics designed to win at any cost.

Caldwell’s fellow prosecutor of Arthur Andersen, Matthew Friedrich, soared to Acting Attorney General of the Criminal Division (under Mukasey) after he and now White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler obtained the wrongful convictions of four Merrill Lynch executives in the Enron Barge case.  Those executives spent a year in prison while Friedrich, Ruemmler and others hid the evidence that proved the defense was corrected on charges that the Fifth Circuit finally found were not even criminal.

From his powerful position as head of the Criminal Division, Friedrich and his Deputy Rita Glavin rushed the indictment and micromanaged the wrongful prosecution of former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens. The defense and Judge Emmet Sullivan caught the prosecutors having hidden evidence that proved the Senator’s defense. The entire case had to be dismissed-but only after the Senator lost his Senate seat because of Friedrich’s orchestration of the gamesmanship, misconduct, Brady violations, and unethical tactics of the prosecution.

Caldwell’s Task Force Deputy and successor Andrew Weissmann just slinked out of the FBI where he served as its General Counsel through NSA’s data collection, the harassment of the press, among other violations of individual rights.  Their colleague Kathryn Ruemmler was in DOJ before moving to Chief White House Counsel where she informs the President on all significant legal issues across the country.

No one has dared questioned or challenged these former prosecutors for their egregious tactics, ethical violations, wrongful convictions, wasted tax dollars, and pathetic records of reversals.  Putting any of them in any public position can’t get much more scary-for the Rule of Law, individual rights, or fundamental fairness.  Surely there are more open-minded, fair, balanced, and qualified people of integrity to be found.