It would be hard to improve on Jonathan Turley’s post today, so please read it in its entirety. Here’s a glimpse:

“The Weiner scandal this morning captures my angst perfectly. There literally does not appear a single redeeming character. You have Anthony Weiner aka Carlos Danger. Then you have the other half of the power couple, Huma Abedin, who assured everyone that she still believes in him while recent reports show a questionable salary arrangement with a Clinton-connected company. Then you have Ms. Leathers, one of the other women, who is actually denouncing Weiner as betraying her when she was helping him betray his wife. Then you have Democratic voters who still have Weiner in a close second place to be elected mayor of New York. If you wonder why our politicians treat us like chumps, just take a look at the Weiner scandal.

First, let check in with Carlos Danger. Weiner is now saying that he may have had three women with whom he had a kinky Internet relationship after resigning and after his wife gave birth to their child. You may remember Weiner’s first apology where he promised to reform and focus on the love of his life (no not power): Huma. Now he suggests that she may have pushed him into the Internet arms of women because he had these relationship during a “rough time” in his marriage. That “rough time” of course was due to Weiner’s original scandal with women, some of whom never asked for pictures of his naked body and genitalia. It was the same rough time when he lied to his wife while attacking these women and reporters over the story. He now suggests that, after creating that rough time, he was forced to have additional relationships. That is like having an affair with one women and then starting affairs with three others because the first affair left him a bit estranged or uncomfortable with his wife. To a narcissist like Weiner, that makes perfect sense.obamahuma

Then there is Huma. At one time, she fit the role for many as a redeeming character. The mother-to-be struggling to hold her family together with a new baby and national scandal. More recently, many have noted that she appears to have learned much at the knee of Hillary Clinton. While previously indicating that she almost left Weiner, she again appeared at his side after the most recent disclosures to keep their election hopes alive. I am really not sure why she fits

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in politically into this story. I am more interested in her working for a private company while working for the State Department in her questionable salary arrangement.”

Jonathan is being far too kind when he calls it a “questionable salary arrangement.”  The Department of Injustice has prosecuted many people for far less egregious behavior, charging them with wire fraud for depriving a company (or the government) of their “honest services.”

This was obviously wrong, much more like a “bribe,” orchestrated by both Clintons. Huma is like family to the Clintons.  Hillary kept her on board at the State Department while Bill got her mega-bucks at a company where he served on the board, and it didn’t hurt that she is well-known to Obama and her father was an Islamic scholar.

So let’s see . . . , Bill & Hillary Clinton orchestrate a bribe to keep Weiner’s wife by his side while he lies, cheats, etc.  That sounds familiar.  Huma accepts it and sees nothing wrong. Weiner continues his pathetic behavior. And, they all think its fine he serve in some kind of LEADERSHIP position!?!

These people have neither self-respect nor any respect for others.  They should all be required to go into their private lives and stay there.

This country is in dire need of honest, healthy, caring, compassionate, responsible, accountable, moral leadership. If we don’t find it soon, and hold people like this accountable for their dishonest and corrupt behavior-or at least require them to keep it private and out of political office, we have little hope for saving this country.