If the government’s wrongful prosecutions of former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens and four Merrill Lynch executives prove anything, it is that if the United States Department of Justice wants to convict you, they will do anything to make that happen—including hiding the evidence that shows you are innocent. It doesn’t matter how powerful you thought you were, how good you thought you were, how many friends you have, how much money you have, or that you did nothing wrong or illegal. An unethical and determined federal prosecutor can indict you, convict you and send you to prison.

Too many judges take the prosecutors at their word: “trust us.” “We know our obligations and we will meet them.” At the same time, the prosecutors are hiding the very evidence that refutes their case.

The system of justice that you were taught to believe would protect you if you were innocent can be gamed easily by a smart prosecutor. You thought you would be able to remain free on bond pending your appeal, but no, you had to go to prison while the Circuit Court was deciding that your conduct did not even constitute a crime. You were denied bail pending appeal. Worse yet, you can spend years in prison while prosecutors hide the evidence, and most often, there is nothing you can do—even when your conviction is overturned.

You can’t sue the prosecutors—they have immunity. Your life, your livelihood, your family, and your career can be destroyed, and the prosecutors who convicted you—maybe even committing crimes worse than those for which you were prosecuted—are not only unscathed, but they are flourishing. Many innocent people are still Seeking Justice, and those who hid the evidence of their innocence are flourishing—unaffected by their unethical if not criminal misconduct.

If you have evidence of misconduct by federal prosecutors, please send it to us! Together, we can Seek Justice. SUNLIGHT IS A GREAT DISINFECTANT.