Ruemmler & Obama

The BLT: Blog of LegalTimes reported today that ethics complaints are on the rise against lawyers in D.C.

The Office of Bar Counsel is on track to receive more attorney ethics complaints in 2013 than it did in 2012, especially related to criminal cases.

According to the latest bar counsel statistics, the office received 1,090 complaints as of Nov. 13, up from 1,021 complaints received by the same time in 2012. There were a total of 1,081 complaints received by bar counsel in 2012.

Remarkably, the D.C. Bar doesn’t know the reason for the increase.

We can help them with that.

Deputy Bar Counsel Elizabeth Herman does admit that most of the increase is from criminal cases. Perhaps she and her colleagues should take seriously, actually investigate, and take action on complaints against federal prosecutors for Brady violations and other misconduct-including current White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler from her days on the Enron Task Force. The D.C. Bar seems to have lost the grievance filed against Ruemmler somewhere in its political airspace.

If the Bar disciplined prosecutors for Brady violations, it would help put a stop to many injustices while better serving the Bar, the courts, and the public.

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